4 Ways Jewish Tradition Helps Families Stay Connected

4 Ways Jewish Tradition Helps Families Stay Connected

Jewish traditions have been passed down through the generations, since the giving of the Torah thousands of years ago. These traditions are an integral part of our identity as Jews.

As we go full speed ahead into our digital future, the value of our traditions has never been more apparent. They help us recall the most significant events in our history– history that has shaped us into a unique people.

For many modern Jews, the greatest value in keeping Jewish traditions is how it helps to keep families and communities together– no small feat in our fragmented and busy lives.

Here are 4 ways Jewish traditions can help your family stay more connected:

Having Quality Family Time On Shabbat

No matter what your level of religious observance, we can all agree that getting your kids off of their phones is a daily struggle. As parents we can also be guilty of spending too much time glued to our screens. Having a set time where families decide to put away their phones and engage with each other in the present moment has been shown in numerous studies to help with family connectivity and well being. Shabbat dinner is the perfect opportunity to put this into practice. Setting aside a meal each week to be phoneless makes a huge difference in how your family engages with each other the rest of the week.

learning about judaism together

Jewish learning is one of the core values of Judaism, and with good reason. Learning inspires growth and confidence, and affords your kids the opportunity not only to expand their Jewish knowledge but to share their learning with you. If your teen is involved in Jewish learning, there is always an opportunity for you to learn something new together, which in turn helps to build and strengthen your relationship with them. 

giving back

Tikkun Olam (literally translated to “healing the world”)  is the mission statement of the Jewish people. Engaging in acts of chesed (good works and helping others) as a family not only sets a great example for your children, but also helps you bond as a family. There are hundreds of opportunities throughout the year to give back; finding time to engage in good causes with your family has been shown to inspire greater closeness and sense of purpose.

celebrating holidays together

Holidays can often be a big production! Even though we all complain about the massive prep, it’s usually the collective effort to get everything done on time. Cooking together for the holidays will help you bond as a family and also teach valuable cooking skills. Next time a holiday rolls around, see if you can involve your kids in the prep.