5 Reasons You Should Send Your Teen To Israel

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5 Reasons You Should Send Your Teen To Israel

We understand, sending your teen halfway across the world can be pretty nerve wracking, but an experience like going to Israel is something that can help your teen grow in ways you never thought possible. From social justice action to learning how to stand on their own two feet, an experience like this can change your child for the better.

5 Reasons You Should Send Your Teen To Israel

  1. Fostering a Sense of Independence

    Even though TJJ (and most other teen Israel trips) are obviously supervised, when teens are away from their parents it gives them the opportunity to rely more on themselves for things that they need. Your teen will become more aware of who they are, and will grow in ways that will prepare them for the challenges of adulthood.

    2. Expanding Your Child’s Social Circle

    Creating bonds between Jewish teens is something that Israel summer programs foster. Teens have the opportunity to meet others their age from all across North America, and fast friendships are made when teens are spending weeks at a time together. Many of our participants have stated that meeting other teens like them is one of the main things they took away from the trip, and deep friendships and connections were made that greatly enhanced their well being.

    3. Participating In Social Action Initiatives

    TJJ isn’t just a fun trip to go on with friends; it’s a trip that is meant to broaden your teen’s horizons and teach them about themselves, as well as other cultures. TJJ includes volunteering initiatives  that help to broaden your teen’s mind and shift their perspective. Our participants have the opportunity to volunteer for organizations like Save A Child’s Heart and volunteering at an absorption centre for new olim.

    4. Exploring The Great Outdoors

    On TJJ, your child will have the unique opportunity to have experiences that will take them (literally) to new heights. From the gorgeous peaks of Masadah to the rivers of the Jordan, your child will experience a reconnection with the land itself. Israel is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and, while on TJJ, we make it our mission to show your teen not only the stunning landscapes but to delve into the meaning behind each location.

    5. A Deepened Understanding of Jewish Values

    It’s one thing to explain to your kids why Israel is so special or talk to them about the story of Passover or the Six Day War. It’s quite another thing to be standing in the middle of history, while your guide explains to you how thousands of years ago the Jews walked directly where they are standing. For example, teens visit the Judean desert mountains and discover an oasis where King David and Saul confronted each other. Immersing your child in the heart of the Jewish experience allows them to connect more deeply to where they come from, and, in turn, where they are going with their Jewish future.

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