5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Summer Israel Trips

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5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Summer Israel Trips

Sending your child 3000+ miles away can be a pretty daunting experience for parents. It’s a twelve hour plane ride, an eight hour time difference, and it’s also far away from everything your child is used to. So what should parents look for when choosing summer israel programs for their teens? 

We’ve put together the top 5 things you should know, based on our years of experience running TJJ: The Ultimate Israel Experience.

5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Summer Israel Trips

  1. Safety Always Comes First

When you’re looking for an Israel trip for your teen, your top priority should always be safety and security. Israel is a great place to travel, but sometimes participants aren’t used to the heat or find themselves lost because they don’t speak the language. On TJJ, we provide a medic, guard, and guide so that your child is always protected.

  1. Provides Avenues to Explore Spiritual Traditions

TJJ is a trip for students currently attending public school or CHAT. In the teens’ private spaces, they are allowed to keep whatever they wish; however, in the public sphere, teens are encouraged to put away their cell phones on Shabbat and to dress modestly when visiting holy places. Prayer in the mornings are optional, and teens take part in learning groups exploring topics such as Jewish ethics and the history of the state of Israel.  TJJ fosters a spiritual grounding and relationship between teens and their Jewish heritage and traditions that they can explore on whatever level they feel comfortable with.

3. Ask About Advisors

We cannot stress this one enough. The advisors that are on your child’s trip are their go-to in case of an emergency or tough situation. Before you send your teen on any Israel trip, inquire as to how their advisors and staff are chosen. Our staff goes through a meticulous selection process, and are often alumni of our programs. You also get to meet our advisors multiple times before the trip, so that you’re able to ask any questions you have.

  1. Coming Alone Is Common

One of the greatest things about going on any Israel trip is the opportunity to meet new people. On TJJ, many kids come without knowing anyone, and one of our goals is to break the ice and facilitate friendships between our participants. Many of our participants have made friends they still keep in touch with years later, and our structure allows for teens who decide to come on the trip solo to create new connections. A teen’s first trip without their parents is a big milestone that also allows for kids to be more self sufficient and gain a greater sense of confidence.

  1. Have An Idea of The Day To Day

No two Israel trips are alike, and it’s very important to consider what kind of environment your child would thrive in before signing them up for an Israel trip. Some Israel trips are more relaxed, while others have a heavy focus on being outdoors. To check out what a sample itinerary looks like for TJJ click here.

If you’d like to find out more about this summer’s TJJ programs, click here.

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