Why is having a Jewish education important to you?

Torah High Teens Answer the Question:

“Why is having a Jewish education important to you?”

The answers that our Torah High teens have given to this question reflect something about our Torah High teens themselves. After reading their answers, I’m sure you’d agree that these high schoolers are thoughtful and bright and inquisitive. What else? They seek out experiences and knowledge that enrich their understanding of their heritage. They choose how to define their Jewish experience because they choose their courses. Finally, they are public high school teens that are smart enough to earn an extra credit in a fun and enjoyable way.

“Learning about Judaism will help me stay in touch with my Jewish background, become a part of a Jewish community and will help me teach my children in the future.”
—Adina Sandler, Grade 9

“Torah High is my Jewish source. Even though I go to public school, being in Torah High will help me stay connected to Judaism.”
—Maya Aronson, Grade 10



“Torah High connects me to my Jewish roots. It’s good to know where I came from and the history of our people.”
—Ethan Shapiro, Grade 10

“If I didn’t go to Torah High, I wouldn’t have learned about living a Jewish life. It’s important to impart Jewish values to my kids and raise a Jewish family.”
—Natalie Gabay, Grade 12

“Learning at Torah High has expanded my knowledge. It’s important to have knowledge of the past and learn lessons from them so that we don’t repeat mistakes.”
—Lexie Reiken, Grade 10