Torah High Students Experience Ancient and Modern Israel

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What makes Torah High unique among Canada’s Jewish supplementary schools is the opportunity that it affords its students to travel to Israel. 

Of all the many experiential components of Torah High, which takes teens far afield of the classroom, none is more life changing and sought after than TJJ (The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey), NCSY’s 4-week summer trip in Israel. Every year, teens from across Canada, from B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, join more than 2000 teens from across the United States for an inclusive Israel summer tour that changes lives. Each bus has its own directors and advisors to lead the troupe and guide them throughout the action-packed summer

Is TJJ Affordable?

TJJ is Canada’s most affordable Israel trip for teens. That is especially true for Torah High students. How so? The first 25 students to sign up for TJJ receives a large discount off the cost of the trip. For the other Torah High students who miss this first-to-the-gate promotion, other discounts and sponsorships are available, subject to eligibility. 

Teens travel from north to south and east to west, where they see Israel come alive: Caesarea, Sedorot, and Tzfat; Masada, the Dead Sea, and Ein Gedi; hiking through mountain ranges and kayaking down the Jordan River. Boat cruises in the Kinneret, glass blowing, and rappeling thorugh the Keshet Caves. Camel rides and a Bedouin experience. Vising the gravesites of tzadikim and praying at the kotel. Teens take no time to acclimate themselves to the Israeli milieu, leaving no stone unturned. Click here to see our 2018 itinerary as an example. 

Teens experience Israel’s spiritual history, which permeates each ancient stone, as they explore Jerusalem’s old city and hike through the water tunnels that eventually reach the Western Wall. Teens spend a Shabbat in Jerusalem, where they pray at the kotel, encountering their Jewish heritage in a way that is personally meaningful to them. 

What are teens saying about TJJ?

For the students who have never visited Israel before, TJJ is an experience like no other as they see thousands of years of history laid out before them. They experience a palpable feeling of people-hood instilling newfound pride in their heritage and Jewish identity.

TJJ Ambassadors and Tjj ambassadors poland

TJJ Ambassadors (TJJ A) is an Israel journey for public school students that combines the very best of touring Israel with social action, political advocacy, and Torah study. 

TJJ Ambassadors Poland (TJJ AP) is a leadership program for public school teens, who have already gone to TJJ. The program begins in Poland where teens learn about their rich history, which culminates with a unique Israel experience. 

More than anything else, these amazing and life-changing trips are a testament to the power of the Jewish teenage spirit and what it is capable of. 

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