Leadership – Grades 10 and 11

Leadership – Grades 10 and 11

As part of a select group, you will learn about social action and leadership. You’ll learn why giving is important and participate in experiences firsthand, such as sensitivity training for persons with special needs,  J-Serve, and community events. Your experience will involve attending classes, 2 seminars and a Family Friday Night Dinner. You will have the option to attend our social action trip as part of your course (additional cost).

Grade 10/11—Interdisciplinary Studies—IDC3O

Prerequisite: None

This course is designed to provide students with a better of understanding of the range of relationships people experience over a lifetime and of the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships; demonstrate an understanding of various dynamics and challenges that can affect relationships; and demonstrate an understanding of skills and strategies that help people to develop and sustain healthy relationships and their relevancy to a young adult’s day to day life. Throughout the course the Jewish values on relationships will be studied, as well as various Jewish leaders and the importance of their traits. Students will study different types of ethical dilemmas and theories, and attempt to recognize the importance of a sophisticated and comprehensive ethical morality. Students will learn effective decision-making processes, communication skills, and effective strategies for resolving conflicts in human interactions.

Wednesday@ Prosserman- 3:50–6:20 p.m.

Monday@ Village Shul- 4:00–6:30 p.m.

Thursday@ Village Shul- 4:00–6:30 p.m.

Thursday@ Promenade- 3:50–6:20 p.m.

Monday@ Schwartz Reisman Centre- 3:50–6:20 p.m


Price: $599


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