Health Care TPJ3M With Summer Internship in Israel

Grade 10 & 11 Health Care TPJ3M With Summer Internship in Israel

This course enables students to develop their understanding of basic health care procedures, including the safe use of appropriate instruments, equipment, and materials. Students will focus on health care fundamentals, including the anatomical features and physiology of the major body systems and the factors that affect homeostasis in the human body. Students will develop an awareness of health and safety issues in the health care field, analyze environmental and societal issues related to health care, and learn about professional practice standards and career opportunities in the field.

Students will spend several weeks in Israel during the summer at a health facility as part of an internship. The summer internship component, offered in conjunction with Next Step, is offered at an additional cost over and above the cost of tuition. Students enrolled in Health Care TPJ3M are expected to complete both the academic classroom component as well as the summer internship component.

Prerequisite: None

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