Philosophy: Questions and Theories, Grades 11 & 12, in Conjunction with TJJ AP

Grade 11 & 12— Philosophy: Questions and Theories in conjunction with the TJJ AP, The Jerusalem Journey Ambassadors Poland – HZT4U


  • Any university/college preparation course in Canadian and world studies. English or social sciences and humanities.
  • Students must be interviewed and accepted to the TJJ AP trip and will have to attend both the Torah High course as well as fulfill the TJJ AP requirements. The fee for the TJJ AP trip is paid separately to NCSY NATIONAL.

Students are asked to register for TJJAP and will be contacted for an interview once the registration form has been received. For more information about TJJ AP, click here.

The course has three components, combining online and experiential components:

  1. Online: Philosophy, Grades 11/ 12

Dates: February 1-June 28, Mondays, 5:00-7:30 PM

  1. Travel Component: TJJ AP- Poland and Israel

Dates: June 30-August 2

  1. Online: Philosophy, Grades 11/ 12

Dates: August 16-30, Mondays, 5:00-7:30 PM

The Philosophy course HZT4U enables students to acquire an understanding of the nature of philosophy and philosophical reasoning skills and to develop and apply their knowledge and skills while exploring specialized branches of philosophy, including metaphysics, ethics, epistemology and the social and political philosophy. Students will develop critical thinking and philosophical reasoning skills as they formulate and evaluate arguments related to a variety of philosophical questions and theories. They will also develop research and inquiry skills related to the study and practice of philosophy. Emphasis will be placed on questioning and discussing the philosophical nature of the period before, during, and after the Holocaust.

TJJ Ambassadors Poland (TJJ AP) is a four-week program that challenges participants to confront Jewish history and develop leadership skills to help build the Jewish future. TJJ AP is designed for teens with a high level of intellectual and emotional maturity, proven leadership ability and strong involvement in NCSY/Torah High. While preference will be given to previous TJJ and TJJA participants, TJJ AP is open to qualified applicants who have not previously attended a summer program.

  • Torah High offers integrated learning, incorporating Jewish ideas and perspectives throughout our curriculum, both in Jewish and General Studies, while simultaneously meeting the Ministry of Education’s curriculum expectations.

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