Course Offerings:

Grade 8—Jewish Identity and Community

Students will engage in building their Jewish identity and connecting with their community in engaging and experiential ways.


Grade 9—Jewish Belief and Ethics- Values and Ethics—HRE23

This course is designed to instill in the student a lifelong dedication to Judaism and Jewish studies. Students will learn the foundations of Jewish belief and understand how to apply that knowledge to current ethical dilemmas that challenge mankind. Students will explore how Judaism and ethics relate to current medical, business and familial  problems. Through this framework of seeing how classical rabbinical Judaism relates to current events, students will develop a positive view on the vast scope of Jewish studies and its relevance to current events.


Grade 10—Fundamentals of Judaism- Torah, Holidays and Prayers—HRE33

This course provides a deeper understanding of the Bible and its rabbinic commentaries, and, through it, students will develop a deeper attachment to their heritage. Students will study classical Jewish texts and learn how to apply these teachings to their daily lives. This course will teach students to appreciate and partake in the history, culture, and traditions of Jewish life.


Grade 11/12—Ethics and the Lifecycle- Lifecycle and Mitzvot—IDC4U

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course

This course is designed to provide students with a better of understanding of ethics and family issues and their relevance to a young adult’s day-to-day life. Students will study different types of ethical dilemmas and theories, and attempt to recognize the importance of a sophisticated and comprehensive ethical morality. In addition, students will learn about ethical issues as it relates to dating, love, marriage, life, death. and other life cycle events. Students will examine the life cycle from a Jewish point of view, as well as ethical issues and Judaism’s responses. Students will analyze various techniques for resolving ethical dilemmas as they relate to family and social dynamics. Various issues such as ethics in business, social responsibility, the management of family roles, and stress and conflict within relationships will all be addressed.


Grade 11/12—World History Since the Fifteenth Century—CHY4U

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in Social Sciences and Humanities, English, or Canadian and World Studies.

This course traces the major developments and events in world history from approximately the year 1450. Students will explore social, economic, and political changes, the historical roots of contemporary issues, and the role of conflict and cooperation in global inter-relationships. They will extend their ability to apply the concepts of historical thinking and the historical inquiry process, including the interpretation and analysis of evidence, as they investigate key issues and ideas including the assessment of societal progress or decline in world history.


Grade 12—Philosophy—HZT4U

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in Social Sciences and Humanities, English, or Canadian and World Studies.

This course addresses three (or more) of the main areas of philosophy: metaphysics, logic, epistemology, ethics, social political philosophy, and aesthetics. Students will study secular and Jewish approaches to philosophy and have the opportunity to compare and contrast the various philosophical approaches to various aspects of life. Students will learn the main ideas expressed by philosophers from a variety of the world’s traditions, how to develop and explain their own philosophical ideas, and how to apply those ideas to contemporary social issues and personal experiences. The course will also help students develop their critical-thinking skills and refine the skills used in researching and investigating topics in philosophy.

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