NCSY Summer Trips

Learn More About 3 Fabulous NCSY Summer Trips!

Find out about NCSY Summer’s three most popular and affordable summer trips in Israel.

TJJ: THE JERUSALEM JOURNEY: A 4-week touring experience in Israel

TJJ AP (AMBASSADORS POLAND): A 4-week program where participants spend one week in Poland and 3 weeks in Israel

NEXT STEP: A 5-week internship program in Israel

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Kick off your next adventure in Israel

The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey (TJJ) is a four-week touring experience in Israel for public school students. TJJ is an exhilarating, action-packed, transformative journey which allows participants to learn more about their Jewish heritage and culture by interfacing with the history, people, and Land of Israel.

The Ultimate Israel Experience

Travel from the Golan Heights to the shores of Eilat and everywhere in-between. Swim in the Kinneret, visit archeological digs, hike through the mountains and float in the Dead Sea and much more.

Explore your Jewish Heritage

Judaism will come alive as you pray at the Western Wall, hike up Masada and visit all the holy sites Israel has to offer. Connect to the past and discover your future.

Meet Other Jewish Teens

TJJ is designed for public school teens looking to learn more about their Jewish heritage through hands-on, meaningful experiences.


A four-week program, where teens spend one week in Poland and three weeks in Israel. Participants are confront Jewish history and develop leadership skills to help build the Jewish future.


A 5-week internship program in Israel where teens intern during the week at a variety of locations, such as hospitals, research labs, and businesses and spend the weekends travelling Israel. This is great way for teens to build their resume and help figure out where their interests and passion lie!