PRINCIPAL: Yehudis Cagen

Yehudis Cagen is the principal of Torah High. She is responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of the Ministry of Education guidelines and is authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education to grant credit and uphold credit integrity for the courses taught at Torah High. In addition to overseeing and managing Torah High locations, teachers, school communications, and curriculum development, Yehudis oversees the assessment and evaluation of teachers and works with teachers on pedagogical skills and implementing all teacher requirements.

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Sharona handles all inquiries and requests. She is responsible for many of the logistic responsibilities associated with the running of Torah High.

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(905) 761-6279 x 245


The remarkable commitment of our teachers stands as a pivotal cornerstone of Torah High’s achievements. Collaborating withina dynamic teamsetting, our teachers are empowered to use innovative pedagogical approaches that foster genuine student advancement. Demonstrating agenuine investment in the progress of every student, our educators collaborate closely with both learners and parents, thus ensuring a trajectorytoward resounding success.

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