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Torah High is a Ministry inspected private school, which offers year-long Jewish and secular studies courses that follow the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines.

Torah High is a unique educational program created and designed to promote academic excellence and an appreciation of Jewish life to its students. Torah High seeks to instill in its students a strong sense of values, community, good character, Jewish identity, leadership, and an enduring love for Torah, the Jewish people, and humanity. Torah High was built to allow students to explore their Jewish identity with experiences that begin in the classroom and extend beyond.

Torah High educates its students by offering an attractive mix of textual and multi-media based lessons that explore the Jewish perspective on various topics ranging from current events to issues that high school students face in their daily lives. Torah High is committed to helping each student successfully complete their credit and gain from this experience.

Our teachers are trained educators who can relate to the teenagers of today and dedicate themselves to a creative, open, and non-judgmental learning environment. Students are encouraged by teachers to explore course content and discover new ways of critical thinking. Classes are taught in an informal atmosphere by dynamic teachers who are able to transmit the depth and significance of traditional Jewish values in a meaningful and relevant way.

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Torah High offers exceptional courses, for credit, to public high school teens (grades 9-12). Sign up for our next info session!

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