When a student is struggling in a Torah High course and is at risk of failing the class, Torah High teachers and the administration will support students and provide interventions through a variety of means, including monitoring and tracking student progress, providing differentiated instruction to meet the student’s learning needs, providing opportunities for meaningful engagement in their own learning, re-engaging early school leavers, and working with parents to support student success.




Torah High teachers attempt to ensure the successful completion of a course by their students. Where a student does not achieve the curriculum expectations of a course, the principal and teaching staff, in consultation with the parents and the student, will determine what type of program would best enable the student to meet the expectations and earn a credit for the course.

Torah High’s reassessment policy is as follows:

In very particular instances where a student earns less than a 55% on a test or assignment, he/she may request a chance to retake a test or resubmit an assignment. A student must also provide an adequate written explanation to both the teacher and the Torah High office as to why he/she feels that they will do better on the reassessment, together with an explanation of why they performed as such on their original test or assignment. It will be the teacher’s sole discretion as to whether a student has provided ample reason to be allowed to retake a test or complete an assignment. If the teacher deems it appropriate, the student will be granted a retest. In the event of a retest, the average of the two marks will be calculated.

If a student feels that their mark on an assignment or test does not reflect their performance, the student must file a grievance in writing and submit it to their teacher and the Torah High office. Grievances must be respectful and clearly explain why they feel the grade does not reflect their performance. Each grievance will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.