Torah High provides opportunities for students with special needs to achieve curriculum expectations set out in the Ontario curriculum policy document.  Students who have an official IEP (Individual Education Plan) from their home school or school board will be accommodated, though we cannot guarantee that all allowances will be accommodated. Teachers will ensure students with IEPs are supported through instructional, environmental, and assessment accommodations in order for students to succeed in the classroom.

Some general guidelines for these accommodations are as follows:

  • Students must submit an official copy of their IEP to the Torah High office and information in the IEP will be shared with the teachers.
  • It is highly recommended that parents submit their children’s IEP as soon as they register to Torah High and contact the office well in advance of any assignment, test, exam, or project and discuss any necessary acco

Torah High will also accommodate English Language Learners through instructional strategies, learning resources, and assessment strategies.

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